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Infants and Toddlers (0-1)

We focus on:

  • nurturing and care

  • safety and security

  • engaging environment

  • language development

Your child will learn:

  • listening and speaking skills

  • self-confidence

  • getting along with others

  • physical development skills

Two's and Early Preschool (2-3)


We focus on:

  • active learning

  • attention and self-regulation

  • speaking and listening

  • understanding routines​ 


Your child will learn:

  • self-help skills

  • about making friends

  • alphabet and number introduction

  • mental and physical coordination skills

Preschool (4-5)

We focus on:

  • fostering independence

  • cooperation and communication skills

  • hands-on learning

  • literacy and number concepts

Your child will learn:​

  • pre-reading skills such as letters and rhymes

  • pre-writing skills: using crayons, markers, paint brushes and scissors

  • pre-math skills: counting, shapes and patterns

  • physical skills: jumping, balancing, etc.

  • social skills: focusing, collaborating, etc.

School Age - Before and After School (5-12)

We focus on providing:

  • nutritious healthy snacks before and after school

  • a quiet environment for study and home work

  • large and safe play environments outside

  • safe and timely transportation to and from schools

  • stimulating and enjoyable field trips and programs during breaks

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